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If you have ever been injured or feel recurring pain in your muscles, Hoboken Therapeutic Massage is the place for you. Amanda Moore, LMT is a nationally licensed massage therapist. She and her highly qualified colleagues have extensive experience in specific medical massage techniques,  stress reduction, postural relief, acute and chronic injury management, as well as immune support. Therapeutic massage can help relieve your pain and get you back on your feet. Whether you have a specific injury or condition or simply need to unwind, each session will be individually tailored to you. 

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Meet our Massage Therapists.

Amanda Moore


Founder and Owner of Hoboken Therapeutic Massage. Amanda specializes in Medical Massage. She is a Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist and insured by the the American Massage Therapy Association. She is also Bachelor's Level Certified in Vodder-Style MLD Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

Amanda has worked in a variety of settings including spa, in-home care, athletic events, and a wellness center. She has developed a great relationships with a network of PTs, Doctors, Acupuncturists, and Personal Trainers in Hoboken and is happy to work with your health care team to help you reach your goals. She opened up her own practice in December 2010 and has recently expanded to welcome new clients!

Holly Yahraus


Holly Yahraus, a LMT Nationally Certified Therapeutic Massage Therapist since 2005 and certified in Medical Massage since 2011. With over 11 years experience, she helps clients maintain health and wellness and provides relief from stress, pain and injury. She is experienced working with clientele with diverse age ranges, health conditions and session goals. 

Her table massage sessions draw on a number of techniques.

Massage sessions are focused on meeting her client's health goals, which often include: relaxation, self-care, pain relief and injury treatment. Some of the common problems she has worked on with clients are migraines, fibromyalgia, chronic headaches, muscle tension and sports injuries.

Brendan Thorson


Brendan Thorson LMT

A Licensed Massage Therapist for 19 years. Trained in Swedish massage, injury treatment, deep-tissue, sports and structural integration. A certified myofascial release expert with 2yrs of specialized training. A professional qigong instructor and healer since 2001, published author, certified self-care instructor for massage therapists, acupuncturist, nurses, social workers and counselors, and extensive training in yoga, meditation, and tai-chi.

His relaxation massage can bring one to deep levels of peace and tranquility. His therapeutic massage has been called transformative, and Physical Therapy like, for healing injuries and releasing and freeing-up tense and stuck muscles and areas of the body. He also has a wealth of exercise knowledge to share with those interested in further enhancing the health, strength and flexibility of their muscles and joints.

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